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Morning Surprise

About 8 months ago, I was having lots of issues with the skin of my face, it was super dry and red. I tried all sorts of creams (expensive and cheap) and I was about to give up when a friend of mine recommended me a line of vegan products that she was selling. OMG! They are amazing! They saved my face! I became a Preferred Client and every month saved 20% off my creams and they were delivered right to my door step (working 80+ hours a week, the door step thing was clearly a bonus)

My friend started making quite the money selling this products, the company took her (and her WHOLE family) to a one-week holiday trip to the Bahamas with all expenses taken care of; another friend even got a Mercedes SUV courtesy of the company. That’s how, 2 weeks ago, I decided to get on the selling wagon, after all, all the products are 100% vegan and I love the creams!

I got all sorts of products so I could lend to people so they could try them; among them, I got a set of shampoo and conditioner.

Here is where I change the subject and tell you something about me. I, Fairy With T, hate my hair. I have the worst hair ever! It is not curly and it’s not straight; if I let it dry naturally,  it looks like I just woke up, if I brush it, it looks like I just woke up and then tussled my hair. I also have TONS of it, when I call my hairdresser to make an appointment, I have to tell them to book me as if I were 2 people; otherwise, the hair salon visit becomes filled with “you have SO much hair!” comments while the poor hair dresser looks in disbelief as a half-way done head in front of him and his next 2 clients waiting impatiently in the couch.

See? Lots of hair!

This means, that in order to have my hair straight, I have to wash it at night, blow dry it as straight as possible, next morning wake up at 5:10 am, have a cup of coffee and then hot iron the beejeebies out of the big messy tangle my hair, that way I can get dressed at 6:25 and then go to work where I have a little cup of cereal for breakfast.

Last night I noticed we had ran out of shampoo so I decided to use my new product samples, after all *I* should sample them too. When I blow dried it last night, I was surprised as to how straight and smooth it felt, but this morning, THIS MORNING! Oh my! The head of the woman sleepily brushing her teeth on the mirror was STRAIGHT, smooth, silky even! I only passed a wee bit of the hot iron on the side where I sleep. Today I got dressed, put on makeup, and at 6:14 am made myself a scrambled egg! I got to work 2 minutes early (instead of 5 late as usual) with straight hair and a tummy full of delicious warm breakfast. Isn’t that a great morning surprise?

If I have another great surprise, I’ll let you know. Until then:

Happy ramblings!



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Husfriend is no more

So yes… as you start getting all warm and fuzzy with the concept of Husfriend, I go and lose it. I no longer have a husfriend… I HAVE A FIANCE! 😀


My awesome ring!


I didn’t suspect a thing, last Friday was our 5th anniversary and as I’m saying bye to Teenie to go out for our romantic dinner celebration he took out the ring. Mind you, in my “always oblivious of everything” usual ways, I didn’t see it at first but when I finally did the happiness was just too big for words, so I cried and laughed and when he said the magic words “would you marry me?” I let out a happy chocked out “YES!”

I will keep you up to date in this most awesome new adventure of my life. Until then,

Happy ramblings!