Husfriend is no more

So yes… as you start getting all warm and fuzzy with the concept of Husfriend, I go and lose it. I no longer have a husfriend… I HAVE A FIANCE! 😀


My awesome ring!


I didn’t suspect a thing, last Friday was our 5th anniversary and as I’m saying bye to Teenie to go out for our romantic dinner celebration he took out the ring. Mind you, in my “always oblivious of everything” usual ways, I didn’t see it at first but when I finally did the happiness was just too big for words, so I cried and laughed and when he said the magic words “would you marry me?” I let out a happy chocked out “YES!”

I will keep you up to date in this most awesome new adventure of my life. Until then,

Happy ramblings!


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  2. #3 by Peady (@Peady) on October 11, 2011 - 11:31 am

    ❤ SQUEEE! 😀

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