In the car


On my way to IT office after a visit to a client today, I noticed that I was low on gas so I did a quick stop at a gas station…

I finish putting gas in Ding Dong (yes, my car has a name) and I need to get out of the gas station. I see that S (IT boss) is 3 cars behind on the street that the gas station exist to, so I wave at him, he hesitantly waves back. I wave a please-let-me-pass and he does; then during the drive to the office I make fun of him on the mirror. He then turns on a different street.

When I got to the office, his car was already parked there. When I came upstairs, he was in the washroom.

When he comes out I said “wow, you raced through those streets to go to the washroom, eh?”
To what he replied “ah? I haven’t left the office the whole day”

So yeah… I made fun of a complete stranger…



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