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Not in yours!


On the phone with a male client:

  • Me: (…) I sent you an email yesterday about that
  • Client: Oh! Maybe you are in my junk. Are you in my junk?
  • Me: …
  • Client: Yes! You are in my junk! What are you doing in there?



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Mid-Morning Meeting


  • Client: Can we meet mid-morning?
  • Me: Sure! At what time?
  • Client: 3:00 p.m.




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My big day: the view

It’s been two months since I gave you the greatest news I have ever had to the present day And since then I have not told you anything else about it.

Before I go on and on about the preparations, let me tell you my extremely personal view of what a wedding is. I said “extremely personal” because it is my opinion, what I think my wedding should be (and thank goodness Mr. Groom shares those feelings!) As I said, my views might not be the same as your view as to what a wedding is, that doesn’t mean I disrespect your wedding ideal or that I frown upon it. Quite the opposite, I will be right there celebrating your wedding and  love whatever your view is (provided I’m invited, of course)

Wow… that last paragraph seems defensive, doesn’t it? I think it is… I have heard so many things of how a wedding should be in response to my view (let’s call it TView) that I’m starting to feel like I should defend the TView even before I have even started to describe it. I apologize, I realize now that you won’t do that, so just ignore that paragraph and lets get to the TView!

TView: A wedding is a celebration of love

Or as I described it to my mom which gave her a heart attack

My Wedding will be like a birthday party but there will be more flowers and people will be crying

In other words:

  • I will use a dress that I can use again at another occassion
  • I will have a funny cake that makes me happy
  • The cake will be chocolate with orange filling
  • People will be dressed comfortably and pretty
  • There is finger food and drinks, no dinner

Most importantly:

  • I will not break the piggy bank

There are some things that will be present at the Knot Tying Event that are not usually present at a birthday party:

  • A photographer (since Mr. Groom won’t be able to take pics)
  • Flower girls (my nieces because Mr. Groom doesn’t let me have Teenie as the flowerdog)
  • Maid of Honor and 2 bridesmaids (my 2 sisters and the cousin that’s living with them, all teenagers, none of them helping)
  • Bouquet
  • Best Man
  • Officiant
  • Tears (from my mom and me, mostly)
  • Rings!

I made a list of people that I would have at my birthday party: my closest friends and my closest family. I have had a blissful 42 people (committing the sin of having only adults and no children to reduce costs) After a lot of math, we realized that it’s WAY cheaper to have it all done in one little place downtown where only 50 people fit (it’s called From This Day Forward, in case you are wondering) than having it at home. We have a 5K limit budget and having it there is letting me have a super customized amazing cake from the Cake Whisperer (I am a fan, what can I say?) that does NOT look like a wedding cake 😀

Remember how I got defensive earlier? As I said, there is a reason, but I will tell you about the problems of tying a knot when you are surrounded by nuts in a later post. Until then:

Happy ramblings!


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He fixed it


  • Client:  I cannot see the pictures from my BlackBerry in my computer when I hook the BB to the PC
  • Me: can you hook it up so I see it?
  • Client: sure!

Plugs it in, cancels the password request

  • Me: you need to put in your BlackBerry’s password
  • Client: I already did, in my BB
  • Me: yes, but the PC is asking for it as well
  • Client: I already did it! I put it in my BB
  • Me: I understand but regardless, the PC also needs access to your BB and you need to put your password on the PC
  • Client (in annoyed tone): fine…

Puts in password and goes to “my documents”

  • Client: well, you fixed half of it, I can finally see my documents but not my pictures
  • Me: please, click on “Pictures”
  • Client: there they are!

Enters the boss

  • Boss: Fairy With T, can you fix his BB? it doesn’t show his pictures on the PC
  • Client: don’t worry boss, I fixed it already.

I guess he didn’t really need me after all 😉