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The “our” in “our wedding” has more than 2 people

So yeah… tying the knot when you are surrounded by nuts is not as easy as it seems!

I have a pretty particular view when it comes to my wedding and Mr. Groom agrees with it. All my family has been very supportive and they all have told me how much they understand our view and how they are going to love it and respect it. Their favorite phrase? It’s a lovely one: “Whatever you want, it’s your wedding!”

Let me translate that for you:

  • I don’t want a traditional wedding

Translates (over and over again) into: you are going to do that? You don’t do that at weddings!

  • We will have 42 of our closest friends and family

This translates into: you will not invite your friends because we already invited all this people whose names you don’t remember because they are family and family comes first!

  • We want the flower girls to have little Summer dresses in green and/or brown that they can use afterwards

This translates into dresses that look like miniature sparkly white wedding dresses, which is funny since *I* am not wearing a wedding dress!

  • The bridesmaids are wearing dresses that can be tied up in any way they’d like. So I said “they can wear it however they want it as long as they are chocolate brown and olive green”

This translates into: I think she would look better in “Slate”

  • Our cake is going to be chocolate with orange filling!

This translates into a horrible mistake that doesn’t go together plus a prediction of how the guests are going to hate it.

  • I bought this beautiful peacock feather for my hair! It is brown and green like the wedding colours, PLUS it has a bit of blue for my something blue!

This translates into yet another horrible mistake.

  • I don’t want a veil

This translates into: at least the feather is going to be covered by the veil!

In other words the “Whatever you want, it’s your wedding!” translates into “whatever we want, it’s OUR wedding!”

I have now learned to tune them out and let them do what they want while I keep my feathers and my orange filled chocolate cake. On my big day, I will not care if there are 2 little brides flower girls running around in fancy dresses or what a bunch of strangers  my family may think of our choice of music. At the end of the day, all that matters is that I will be starting a new chapter in the book of my life alongside the man I love.