Just one hat

It has been a month since I removed my IT hat so I now fill my days playing with children. Not bad, eh?

The immediate effects of leaving my IT family are:

  • I am not getting any new material for “Funny IT Solutions” but I’m sure I can dig in my memory for more
  • I am sleeping more
  • I am walking my dog in the mornings
  • I find myself more relaxed
  • In other words: I am happier!

Things I will not miss from my previous IT life:

  • Driving in the dark
  • Driving in bad weather conditions
  • Driving 2 hours outside the city to troubleshoot something
  • Dealing with stressed out people that blame me for their computer problems
  • Not sleeping
  • Dealing with ridiculous complaints and computer “issues”
  • Being tired all the time

But after 3 years of dealing with clients, asking them over and over again “did you try restarting your computer?”, showing them how to turn a computer on, and “fixing their Google”, I got an unexpected note from an unexpected source (let’s call him Mr. J). It made me smile and it made me sad at the same time… I have decided to share the note with you:

I was sad to hear you will no longer be with […].  We at […], and especially me, really liked working with you.  I know that I was not easy to deal with at times, and I apologize. You were always a light in our dark place here.

Your […] automated reply said you were going to work with children – weren’t we childish enough for you?  I know we are like babies when it comes to servers, etc.

I hope that you find exactly what you want in future.  I believe you can succeed at anything you try.

God bless

Mr. J

It is true that sometimes Mr. J exasperated me, but it is also true that he was one of the very few clients that never, EVER, raised his voice, swore, or blamed me for something not working. He is a kind man, and people in IT should appreciate more the Mr. Js in their client base.

I will miss Mr. J very much.

Now I let you go because I need to go play with a kid. I’ll write some more one of these days . Until then:

Happy Ramblings!

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