A boy that listens

Every week day morning except when I’m too lazy it’s raining or snowing, I walk Teenie around the block. Always at the same time, which happens to be the time when children get on the bus to go to school. Usually, there is a mom that drops a kid on the school bus and then walks back home with a herd 5 more kids. I think it’s sort of a daycare since they all look so different and all of them are pretty much the same age. Anyways, today this happened:

  • *girl A pushes boy B*
  • *B keeps walking and telling the story that he was telling*
  • *mom turns to A* Did you just push B? Wait until we get home and I’ll give you a time out!
  • *A starts crying at the top of her lungs*
  • Why are you crying? You are the one that pushed B! B is the one that should be crying!
  • *A stops crying, B stops his story, they look at each other and both start crying at the top of their lungs*

It’s clear that B is a very obedient boy 😉



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