How many weeks you said?!

Every time I hear “Are you all set for the wedding?” I answer “yup” and give a little inward grin as to how easy this wedding planning is.

At least that was until last weekend when a quick count reveled that I am only 6 weeks away from getting married SIX.WEEKS.AWAY! So I did the sensible thing: I freaked out!

What do I have so far?

  • Groom and best man suit: chose the ones that will be rented, only needs to be picked up a couple of days before the big day
  • Flower girl dresses: They have the most beautiful dresses that match the brown of the maid of honor to perfection
  • Bridesmaids dresses: They arrived and they do not need to be altered
  • Maid of honor dress: in alterations
  • My dress: it arrived… and got sent out because there was an issue at one of the seams. It will still needs to be altered to make it a bit shorter

That’s it! I have no dress! I have NO idea about the timeline of the wedding, no clue as to what the flowers will be, haven’t decided on the menu, or whether we will have our own vows!

Then the voice of reason Mr. Groom said: relax, timeline, flowers, food, non alcoholic drinks, and all that is decided with Izabela (owner of From This Day Forward, and part of the deal we got there when we booked our ceremony/reception) so I relaxed… then I started thinking: what about the transportation? And what are the pictures I want taken? And the makeup trial? And the music? And the MARRIAGE LICENSE? AND THE DRESS?! AND… AND… And… And… and I’m freaking out…


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