Week #1 of frogs

I’m doing it! Yes, I am!

After my last disappointment I decided on a new goal: somewhere, somehow do 113 “Frog Poses” from Kundalini yoga. When doing properly, they work out your bum, calf, abs, lats, and quads, as well, as opening your chest and working on your biceps. Pretty impressive, isn’t it? Anyways, I’m feeling like j-lo all powerful!

This is how my progress is going:

Day 1: 8

Day 2: 14

Day 3: 17

Day 4: 23

Day 5: 26

Day 6: 32

Day 7: 35

Day 8: 32

From days 2 to 4 my calves were in total pain and my abs were on fire. Obviously, I was wondering what the heck am I doing? This is nuts! ok with it. By day 5 a miracle happened: I could not feel a thing! Not in the “I think I am dead because I don’t feel my body” type of thing, more in the way of my muscles knowing and understanding what I’m torturing them with doing with them. It was a revelation! (cue to angels chorus) The best part? I feel good, I think 113 is totally doable!

Now, you may see a slight devolve on Day 8, I’m totally ok with it. Yesterday (Day 7) I taught a class similar to Zumbatomics with lots of jumping around that left me quite sweaty so today my body was in a little need of rest. I froged it up until I knew that doing any more frogs would have had a bad repercussion. Plus, day 7 totally proved me that I can do at the very least 35

Week #2, here I come!


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