Review I: the magical venue

Everybody does reviews about everything, right? Well, I shall review my own wedding since I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!

So I’ll start with the venue From This Day Forward.

The owner of the venue is Izabela, she is a Fairy God Mother in disguise. I say in disguise because I could not see the wings anywhere!

Anyways, let’s start from the beginning: we wanted a “Champagne Wedding with a Beer Budget” type of wedding, the thing is, we could only afford a small coffee at the cheapest coffee chain. We had thought of doing it at my dad’s and doing the math we would have had a regular wine wedding with an imported beer budget type of wedding; plus the headache of dealings with ten thousand different vendors: flowers, caters, table rentals, etc. PLUS cleaning the house before and after the event. The cleaning part makes me shudder in horror… This is how we landed at Izabela’s. The place looked exquisite and full of a cold and magnificent elegance that intimidated me and made the chequebook tremble in fear. Then Izabela showed up and made it all better 🙂

First of all, she let me bring tequeños which no one else would. That alone made me fall head over heels for the venue since for me, a wedding without tequeños is not a wedding! Then, she allowed me to have a “Crazy Hour” which is the last hour of the party gone bananas with whistles, masks, feather boas, and all sort of crazy things.

Having fun during the Crazy Hour

Since the investment we needed to do with her wasn’t huge, we decided to invest on a custom cake instead of using the cupcakes that come included in the package.

Reaction from people before the wedding:

  • The place is already decorated?! Oh The tragedy!
  • The tablecloth won’t be the same as your colors? Oh The tragedy! (Apparently, tablecloth color is a determinant of how much fun you can have at a wedding)
  • You don’t know what the center pieces will be?! Oh The tragedy!
  • You haven’t tasted the food first?! Oh The tragedy!
  • You won’t have your bouquet before you arrive there?! Oh The tragedy!
  • You don’t know exactly what your bouquet looks like?! Oh The tragedy! (I had given Izabela pictures of bouquets I liked and told her I wanted only white roses and daises)
  • It is in a basement?! Oh The tragedy!
  • You don’t know what is going to be on the food table?! Oh The tragedy!

Obviously, many people were having heart attacks for my lack of micro management skills.

Reaction of the people during/after the wedding:

  • The place is perfect!
  • The food is delicious!
  • The place looked great!
  • It was so much fun!
  • Everything was beautiful!
  • The bouquet was perfect!
  • You must have spent hours organizing everything so it would come out in such a perfect way, every detail was looked after! (This one made me laugh quite a lot since this person didn’t know that I had nothing to do with anything and that all my planning was a 1-hour meeting with Izabela 3 weeks before the wedding)

The day before the wedding, my husband (heeh heeh I’m married!) dropped off several white plates where I had decided to write our reading, a little silver tower, chocolate truffles, and candy (green jelly beans and dark chocolates). My colors were brown and green and I thought very last moment that I could add the colors with the candy, I forgot to tell Izabela this little detail.

After a great ceremony where I couldn’t stop crying, my husband (I can’t stop saying it! husband husband husbandhusbandhusband) and I went for a photoshoot and came back 20 minutes later. When we arrived, this was the very first thing we saw:

I know, the cake is amazing, but look how she organized everything!

Then, inside the venue EVERY.SINGLE.THING had a touch of green and brown. I did not tell her to do this, she is just that attentive to details! She worked really hard the whole night and had a huge smile on her face that warmed up my heart every time I saw it. She was amazing and deserves a big round of applause:

Thank you Izabela for making my wedding planning a stress-free journey and my wedding day a day of care-free enjoyment and love. I had the pleasure of having a Champagne wedding, but not any Champagne: a “Louis Roederer, Cristal Brut 1990, Millenium 2000, Methuselah” (*) with a nice domestic beer budget 🙂

I wish you the best and may you make all the brides of this city as happy as you made me. Until then,

Happy ramblings!

(*) judged the most expensive champagne of the world in 2011 when a 6L bottle was auctioned for more than $17,000 (or something like that)


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