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What did he say?

You know? Working with children I get to hear a lot of stuff from children and moms alike so I decided to make a category dedicated to these gems. Here is one:

  • Moooom, what did my brother say?
  • He burped
  • Are you sure? It sounded like he said something
  • He’s just talented at burping.


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Review IV: The Photography

No worries, this is the last post of me reviewing my own wedding ๐Ÿ˜‰

This post is long over due and yet so hard to write. The photography at our wedding is quite the delicate theme and I wanted to have a big “cool down” period before writing this post.

This is the story:

Finding a good photographer that we liked was hard for us. My husband is a photographer and has his own style of photography, since he could not take the pics himself we needed to find someone else.

We hired S to take our pictures. We had seen her pictures and really liked them.Then we were told the picturesย  were at a discounted price (BONUS!) because of a promotion she had going on at the time we booked her.

Then we did an event together, she raffled a photo session and we won it. I asked her if we could use it for our engagement shoot and she said “of course!”

The day of the engagement shoot came and things started to go downhill. I am very picky when it comes to customer service and there were several points that ruffled my feathers:

  • We arrived a bit earlier and she told us to wait because she wanted to have a smoke which she then proceeded to smoke right there next to us (I’m sorry but YUCK!)
  • She didn’t want to do certain pose because it was unconventional, she then accepted and took the picture
  • We told her we don’t like pictures of kissing and kissing. She kept telling us to kiss each other
  • Instead of slowly making our way to the car while she took pictures she said “we have 15 minutes left but we have enough pictures, let’s make it to the car”
  • When I reminded her that the shoot was part of the raffle she let out a big “Oh! F—!”

We took all these things as a “well, she is the best friend of someone we know, maybe she just feels comfortable” We then saw the pictures… so gross repulsive bad! But we explained to ourselves: “the horrible lighting could be because she’s not used to work outdoors with a very bright Summer Sun plus she must have lost her flash” After all, we HAD seen her pictures before!

Nope, it was all a prelude to what our wedding pictures and service was going to be. I will not write more details of her lack of good customer service manners or the disgusting pictures she took. Which is weird because she took pictures of another wedding a month later and they were beautiful. Was it all because she was getting less money from us? I don’t know. Needles to say: we will never use her services nor will I say who is S.

But every story, specially stories that involve a Fairy, has to have a happy ending, right? OF COURSE!

A friend of ours used to work on photography a long time ago, he wanted to take pics of the wedding so he used my husband’s camera and we got awesome shots like this one of my mom during crazy hour

Crazy Mom during Crazy Hour

Also, my dear husband took a couple of pictures like a detail from when he was getting ready:

And a picture that proves that we got married!

And then, as luck has it, I met Chantal Benoit on Twitter and she asked me to pose for her. As a thank you, she gave us this picture:


We also bought from her a beautiful black and white head shot of us. She was amazing with everything! Great customer service, great presence, beautiful product. She’s awesome to no end and a pleasure to work with!


See? Happy ending! ๐Ÿ˜€

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Do not think for your child

The other day I saw the following review about business X which is geared towards children:

I took my daughter there the other day and she totally LOVED IT! But we are not going back, because next time she is going to get bored

I really much doubt that this lady has a crystal ball that lets her see into the future. She is thinking for her daughter, making the assumption that she will get bored and, if by any chance the daughter tells her that she wants to go back and mom says “ok, but you’ll get bored” believe me: she WILL get bored.

I see this all the time: at the park with a 2-year old “there is nobody to play with, you will get bored” Lady, let your child decide for himself! They have plenty of imagination and left to their own devices they will have fun! Just because you wouldn’t have fun at a park if there is no one to play with, doesn’t mean it would be the same for your child. For example: most of you might get pretty bored with a big empty box, now give it your child. That box is going to turn into a castle, a race car, a fort, a space ship, a police car, a pony, a hospital, and many other things!

Let me give you another example, an example that involves an adult: I have a friend that was such a picky eater, it has taken several years for him to start eating new foods. When I met him, he didn’t like many things such as french toast, mushrooms, cheese, or *gasps* wine! After a lot of frustration trying to make him try out of my plate at restaurants I asked the magic question:

  • Have you tried it before?
  • No
  • Then, how do you know you won’t like it?

I didn’t get him to try it that time but, thankfully, it got him thinking. Several days later he did try what I offered, he didn’t like it right away but I told him to try it at least 3 times, he complied, and actually didn’t mind the dish.ย  On the day that I offered French Toast and he said he didn’t like it, we talked and made a big discovery: when he was little his mom told him that he wouldn’t like it, so he never tried it. Since that day he will not reject a dish that he hasn’t tried before. I am happy to report that now he loves a good cheese fondue while enjoying a glass of red wine!

Let your child think for themselves,ย  you would be surprised!


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Note: this is a fictional short story not meant for children’s eyes. I love writing and, since I have a blog, decided to post little stories here. I am NOT a professional writer nor do I tend to pretend to be one.

I know something woke me up but I can’t tell what. I decide to lie still because I don’t want to wake my husband up. What woke me up? Maybe it was the cat, yes, it must have been him.

Wait a minute, that was a sound coming from the washroom! Silly me wanting to not disturb my husband when he’s clearly in the washroom; although, he could be quieter about it! What’s he doing? Why is the faucet just running and running? Is he cleaning?!

I hear a different sound now, this one comes from next to me in the bed: it’s the quiet familiar breathing of my sleeping husband. I smile.

A thought crosses my sleepy mind: how can my husband be sleeping next to me and be in the washroom at the same time? I need to get up and see what’s going on! I lift my arm to remove my blanket and… nothing happens, my arm is still next to me. I try to move my other arm and it’s completely still. I try to move my foot, my finger, my head, anything! I can’t move. I am trapped in my own body yet horribly aware of it. Every one of my muscles feels on fire as I try to trash and move them.

The faucet stopped. Someone is going trough the drawers and I can just lie here, looking at the ceiling. Where is the dog? Why doesn’t she bark? Why isn’t my husband waking up? Maybe he can’t hear it. I try to call his name but my mouth is as frozen as the rest of my body. I am able to whimper, hopefully that will wake him up. I whimper and whimper. I can feel my troath getting raw and tears running down my cheeks from the effort.

The person is no longer opening and closing the drawers. The only thing I can hear is the swoosh-swoosh of the ceiling fan. I’m no longer whimpering in fear of being discovered by the stranger that has violated my home. Gosh, where is my dog?! Is she all right?

I hear the bedroom door opening, I can finally start moving but not enough. I can wiggle my toes and turn my head a bit so I’m facing the doors. There is a dark silhouette against the door frame.

Is that a man? Do I know him?

The dark silhouette moves towards me, I can feel him watching me. The sound of the blood pounding in my ears does not let me hear his muffled steps on the carpeted floor. I close my eyes.

What is he doing? Why cannot I hear him? Where is he?

I can’t stand not knowing what he’s doing in my bedroom so I open my eyes. I see his dark form towering over me and then it just vanishes. I scream, my dog barks, the cat jumps off the bed, and my husband tells me to go back to sleep.

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Review III: Things that made me look beautiful

That would be hair, make-up, and dress. Jewelry also counts but there is a story with each piece I wore so that will have its own post ๐Ÿ˜‰

I got ready at my dad’s, both hair dresser and make up artist went to my dad’s without extra charge.

Hair: Norah opened a little hole on the Ozone Layer right on top of my dad’s house but it was well worth it! Not even one single hair moved and it was *exactly* what I wanted. Not only that, but Norah was awesome! We had had a trial run where we decided how my hair was going to look, she made it up and we modified things until it was how I wanted it, she then took pictures for later. If you would like to contact her, her email is

Look at my hair! Look at my hair!

Make-up: Sarah poor Sarah… she was set up in the middle of the disaster zone my family, so she patiently heard every single weird, funny, and inappropriate comment my family uttered. You see? They have no filters. And that’s hereditary, so you can’t blame me for not having them either ๐Ÿ˜‰ Sarah was over the world amazing. On our trial run she had written down a bunch of notes about my skin, my taste, and the need for everything to be as water proof as possible. And boy did she ever delivered! I cried, I laughed, and I sweated and the make-up and fake eyelashes lasted until the very end! She has the patience of a Saint, specially when it was my mom’s turn for make up and she kept asking for more MOAR! You can see more of Sarah’s work by going to her website

Look at my make-up! Look at my make-up!

Dress: *uses a British reporter’s accent* “The bride wore a dress by Two Birds Bridesmaid and she decided to have it cut at the knees after the wedding so she can use it for other events”

Really, I tried actual wedding dresses but… they were just not ME. I love the way the look in all those models, and they didn’t look half bad on me but I felt just like that: a model. A dress to be worn once (or twice if you go as a zombie bride on Halloween) and that it’s SO expensive I would be afraid of spilling anything on it. Let alone the fact that it was “stuffy”. Gorgeous dresses but didn’t give me too much wiggle room. I wanted to stuff my face with food but would not be able to do it if the dress had whale bones (or whatever the corset sticks thingies are called) and I wanted to dance and move around but all the dresses were so heavy! Don’t get me wrong: I do love wedding dresses, just not for me to wear for a party ๐Ÿ˜‰ So that’s how the lovely ladies from With Love Bridal Boutique hooked me up with the dress that made me smile! (my family pointed out that I hadn’t smiled with any of the other dresses I had tried on) And I was able to eat to my heart’s content, have an awesome first dance with my brand new husband, and dance with my best friend’s brother (who happened to be her wedding gift to me)

First dance with my hubba-hubba

Dancing with my friend


Life’s mystery


Today during my Teenie walk I encountered Life’s Mystery. Alas! I encountered the mystery itself, not the answer: all the grass along our trek, I repeat ALL THE GRASS was deemed unworthy of being peed on. This time, the asphalt in the middle of the road was more deserving… five times.

There, ponder THAT mystery!



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