Review IV: The Photography

No worries, this is the last post of me reviewing my own wedding 😉

This post is long over due and yet so hard to write. The photography at our wedding is quite the delicate theme and I wanted to have a big “cool down” period before writing this post.

This is the story:

Finding a good photographer that we liked was hard for us. My husband is a photographer and has his own style of photography, since he could not take the pics himself we needed to find someone else.

We hired S to take our pictures. We had seen her pictures and really liked them.Then we were told the pictures  were at a discounted price (BONUS!) because of a promotion she had going on at the time we booked her.

Then we did an event together, she raffled a photo session and we won it. I asked her if we could use it for our engagement shoot and she said “of course!”

The day of the engagement shoot came and things started to go downhill. I am very picky when it comes to customer service and there were several points that ruffled my feathers:

  • We arrived a bit earlier and she told us to wait because she wanted to have a smoke which she then proceeded to smoke right there next to us (I’m sorry but YUCK!)
  • She didn’t want to do certain pose because it was unconventional, she then accepted and took the picture
  • We told her we don’t like pictures of kissing and kissing. She kept telling us to kiss each other
  • Instead of slowly making our way to the car while she took pictures she said “we have 15 minutes left but we have enough pictures, let’s make it to the car”
  • When I reminded her that the shoot was part of the raffle she let out a big “Oh! F—!”

We took all these things as a “well, she is the best friend of someone we know, maybe she just feels comfortable” We then saw the pictures… so gross repulsive bad! But we explained to ourselves: “the horrible lighting could be because she’s not used to work outdoors with a very bright Summer Sun plus she must have lost her flash” After all, we HAD seen her pictures before!

Nope, it was all a prelude to what our wedding pictures and service was going to be. I will not write more details of her lack of good customer service manners or the disgusting pictures she took. Which is weird because she took pictures of another wedding a month later and they were beautiful. Was it all because she was getting less money from us? I don’t know. Needles to say: we will never use her services nor will I say who is S.

But every story, specially stories that involve a Fairy, has to have a happy ending, right? OF COURSE!

A friend of ours used to work on photography a long time ago, he wanted to take pics of the wedding so he used my husband’s camera and we got awesome shots like this one of my mom during crazy hour

Crazy Mom during Crazy Hour

Also, my dear husband took a couple of pictures like a detail from when he was getting ready:

And a picture that proves that we got married!

And then, as luck has it, I met Chantal Benoit on Twitter and she asked me to pose for her. As a thank you, she gave us this picture:


We also bought from her a beautiful black and white head shot of us. She was amazing with everything! Great customer service, great presence, beautiful product. She’s awesome to no end and a pleasure to work with!


See? Happy ending! 😀


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