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Not in yours!


On the phone with a male client:

  • Me: (…) I sent you an email yesterday about that
  • Client: Oh! Maybe you are in my junk. Are you in my junk?
  • Me: …
  • Client: Yes! You are in my junk! What are you doing in there?



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He fixed it


  • Client:  I cannot see the pictures from my BlackBerry in my computer when I hook the BB to the PC
  • Me: can you hook it up so I see it?
  • Client: sure!

Plugs it in, cancels the password request

  • Me: you need to put in your BlackBerry’s password
  • Client: I already did, in my BB
  • Me: yes, but the PC is asking for it as well
  • Client: I already did it! I put it in my BB
  • Me: I understand but regardless, the PC also needs access to your BB and you need to put your password on the PC
  • Client (in annoyed tone): fine…

Puts in password and goes to “my documents”

  • Client: well, you fixed half of it, I can finally see my documents but not my pictures
  • Me: please, click on “Pictures”
  • Client: there they are!

Enters the boss

  • Boss: Fairy With T, can you fix his BB? it doesn’t show his pictures on the PC
  • Client: don’t worry boss, I fixed it already.

I guess he didn’t really need me after all 😉



Funny IT Solutions: Printer


  • Client: My printer doesn’t work!
  • Me: Does it give you an error message?
  • Client: It says something about low toner?
  • Me: You need to change the toner.
  • Client: That’s it? Thanks!
I get paid for this…


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Funny IT Solutions: attachment error

The phone rings, I answer it and the following conversation ensues:

  • Me: Hello?
  • Client: Outlook doesn’t work
  • Me: What’s the problem?
  • Client: It doesn’t let me attach anything!
  • Me: Does it give you an error message?
  • Client: Yes, it says “The attachment is too large, please try with a smaller attachment” What does that even mean?
  • Me: Well, I believe “The attachment is too large, please try with a smaller attachment
  • Client: I’ll try that… Hey! It works now! You are a genius!

See that? I’m a genius! Next time I solve something in such an efficient matter, I’ll blog about it. Until then:

Happy ramblings!



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