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Do not think for your child

The other day I saw the following review about business X which is geared towards children:

I took my daughter there the other day and she totally LOVED IT! But we are not going back, because next time she is going to get bored

I really much doubt that this lady has a crystal ball that lets her see into the future. She is thinking for her daughter, making the assumption that she will get bored and, if by any chance the daughter tells her that she wants to go back and mom says “ok, but you’ll get bored” believe me: she WILL get bored.

I see this all the time: at the park with a 2-year old “there is nobody to play with, you will get bored” Lady, let your child decide for himself! They have plenty of imagination and left to their own devices they will have fun! Just because you wouldn’t have fun at a park if there is no one to play with, doesn’t mean it would be the same for your child. For example: most of you might get pretty bored with a big empty box, now give it your child. That box is going to turn into a castle, a race car, a fort, a space ship, a police car, a pony, a hospital, and many other things!

Let me give you another example, an example that involves an adult: I have a friend that was such a picky eater, it has taken several years for him to start eating new foods. When I met him, he didn’t like many things such as french toast, mushrooms, cheese, or *gasps* wine! After a lot of frustration trying to make him try out of my plate at restaurants I asked the magic question:

  • Have you tried it before?
  • No
  • Then, how do you know you won’t like it?

I didn’t get him to try it that time but, thankfully, it got him thinking. Several days later he did try what I offered, he didn’t like it right away but I told him to try it at least 3 times, he complied, and actually didn’t mind the dish.  On the day that I offered French Toast and he said he didn’t like it, we talked and made a big discovery: when he was little his mom told him that he wouldn’t like it, so he never tried it. Since that day he will not reject a dish that he hasn’t tried before. I am happy to report that now he loves a good cheese fondue while enjoying a glass of red wine!

Let your child think for themselves,  you would be surprised!



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