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The word you are looking for is “particular”

Involvement in twitter and having to interact with people has made me realize that I am an extremely weird particular person when it comes to food. What makes me think that? Let’s see:

  • When I eat popcorn, I have a little bowl with me so I can eat the crunchy part and save the soft part for later
  • I cut my stake in such a way that I always have a cube on my plate
  • The last part I eat on my sandwiches is the middle. Hence, I always put the best part in the middle, this is why bagels seem useless for me
  • Did you know that M&M, Smarties, and similar foods are tastier when you put the single colours in your mouth in even numbers? Yup, that way you have the same amount of awesome on each side of your mouth
  • The more the edges in a brownie, the better. However, the best piece of a sponge cake is the edgeless one taken from the middle
  • Desserts cannot have alcohol in them
  • Chocolate and ice cream can only be enjoyed if there are no chunks or nuts in them, that way they can dissolve in your mouth without interference
  • Raisin = Punishment
  • I rather hot and savory than cold and sweet. Therefore, soup and chip trumps salad and dessert. This also makes it really tricky to snack during the day
  • Hot brownie by itself = Heaven. Hot brownie with cold ice cream = Hell
  • Cinnamon makes coffee tasty but ruins cooked fruit
  • If it’s a dessert made with strawberry “flavour”, then yuck
  • I eat a LOT and really fast, yet I never seem able to finish more than half a plate of pasta
  • I could live off of soup
  • Breakfast if my favourite meal of the day yet I never know what to make
  • When I eat more than one flavour of ice cream, chocolate goes on the bottom and a fruit flavour (except strawberry) goes on the top
  • I do not eat bright blue food, as in Smurf coloured food, not blue corn blue since I consider that to be purple
  • I always eat whatever I don’t like first and my fav food last, that way I can have the best flavour last
  • I start my pizza from the crust
  • If I am eating at someone else’s house I will eat anything and everything they give me. This is the reason why I passed out once at a friend’s.

And now that everything is in a list form, I realize that I am ever more “particular” than I thought :/

Do you have any peculiarities when it comes to food/eating?


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