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The word you are looking for is “particular”

Involvement in twitter and having to interact with people has made me realize that I am an extremely weird particular person when it comes to food. What makes me think that? Let’s see:

  • When I eat popcorn, I have a little bowl with me so I can eat the crunchy part and save the soft part for later
  • I cut my stake in such a way that I always have a cube on my plate
  • The last part I eat on my sandwiches is the middle. Hence, I always put the best part in the middle, this is why bagels seem useless for me
  • Did you know that M&M, Smarties, and similar foods are tastier when you put the single colours in your mouth in even numbers? Yup, that way you have the same amount of awesome on each side of your mouth
  • The more the edges in a brownie, the better. However, the best piece of a sponge cake is the edgeless one taken from the middle
  • Desserts cannot have alcohol in them
  • Chocolate and ice cream can only be enjoyed if there are no chunks or nuts in them, that way they can dissolve in your mouth without interference
  • Raisin = Punishment
  • I rather hot and savory than cold and sweet. Therefore, soup and chip trumps salad and dessert. This also makes it really tricky to snack during the day
  • Hot brownie by itself = Heaven. Hot brownie with cold ice cream = Hell
  • Cinnamon makes coffee tasty but ruins cooked fruit
  • If it’s a dessert made with strawberry “flavour”, then yuck
  • I eat a LOT and really fast, yet I never seem able to finish more than half a plate of pasta
  • I could live off of soup
  • Breakfast if my favourite meal of the day yet I never know what to make
  • When I eat more than one flavour of ice cream, chocolate goes on the bottom and a fruit flavour (except strawberry) goes on the top
  • I do not eat bright blue food, as in Smurf coloured food, not blue corn blue since I consider that to be purple
  • I always eat whatever I don’t like first and my fav food last, that way I can have the best flavour last
  • I start my pizza from the crust
  • If I am eating at someone else’s house I will eat anything and everything they give me. This is the reason why I passed out once at a friend’s.

And now that everything is in a list form, I realize that I am ever more “particular” than I thought :/

Do you have any peculiarities when it comes to food/eating?


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Today is going to be hard

Today is going to be a hard day. See? Today I’m teaching a last class to my littlest friend.

E is 6 years old, I’ve known her since she was almost 3 and I’ve seen her grow. When I used to work at a Martial Arts place, I would play with her while her brother was in class. I even scared the beejeebees out of hers once without meaning to, good thing her mom is my best friend ๐Ÿ˜‰

Actually, I think that day, the day were I scared her so bad that she cried non stop for what felt like an eternity, was the day when we started bonding, because since that day I’ve been trying to make her smile. For about a year I played with her weekly while her brother trained. After that I quit that job, but kept seeing her smile and grow. I’ve seen her start Junior Kindergarten, I’ve seen her start piano lessons, I’ve seen her play a composition of her own in a piano in front of many people.

When she turned 5 she didn’t tell me that she was 5 years old. She told me she was a hand years old and proceeded to show me her hand!

That might be the blurriest picture I own!

Now, for a whole year, she’s been coming to my children’s place almost weekly so, again, I got to play with her on a weekly basis. I had the pleasure of entertaining her friends during her 6th birthday and to see half her teeth fall off to give way to new ones.

E is very thoughtful, she always makes me drawings: in Christmas, for a House Warming, for my Wedding… She loves her brother in the way only a little sister can love: completely and passionately. Unlike me, E doesn’t cry often, but if she does, there is a very good reason for those tears. The good thing is: they don’t last long and a few minutes later you get a big gap toothed smile that makes your heart melt!

Today it’s her last class, she is moving away to another province. Hopefully, I cried all my sad tears last night while designing a special class just for her… (obviously I didn’t because I just had to stop writing to get a tissue) I will miss her like I never thought I would miss a little kid. I will miss her weekly smile and hug.

I will miss you kiddo



Please tell me I’m not alone…

Right now it’s Wednesday at 9:30 am and these are some of the things that have happened to me lately:

  • Rolled over my finger with a rolling pin while working on pierogie dough


  • Walked into the corner of my desk (again)
  • Woke up screaming in terror (again). Poor husband is used to it by now


  • Got mocked by an Asian person because my last name is “too short” with only 4 letters on it
  • Stepped on my dog’s ear

Today has been a somehow longer day:

  • Blew dried my new bangs and they now look like a shelf
  • When I was about to leave the house to walk the dog, I noticed that I had put on my pants backwards
  • Jumped 3 feet in the air in terror when a jogger passed me by during my dog walk

Today, I just need to know that I am not the only person out there (besides looney toons) whose happenings are like the ones described above!

Hopefully, when I step out today a piano won’t land on my head ๐Ÿ˜› Until then,

Happy ramblings!


Why I always say my age

31. I was born December 1980.

Many people, specially women, do not like to say their age but I *have* to, yes, I do. See? I don’t look my age yes, I know “how lucky”. This is not a post to complain about how I look, it’s a post to explain why I have to say my age all the time.

Here are some of the comments, I’ve heard:

While working at Martial Arts studio, a year after graduating from University:

  • And why are you not going to school? You need more than high school, you know?
  • What would you like to be when you grow up?

At restaurants, liquor stores,ย  and casinos until I was about 27 (not that I drink and gamble)

  • ID, please
  • I’m sorry madam (to my mom in the States) she cannot drink even if she’s accompanied by you
  • Where do you think you are going?
  • You can come in as long as you don’t leave your mother’s side.

When people find out I am engaged

  • You can NOT marry so young, you have your whole life ahead of you! (After I told this person my age, she said “oh, you are not married yet at 31?”)
  • It’s OK to get married young, but don’t get pregnant and abandon your studies, wait until you are older!
  • What do your parents think? Shouldn’t you wait a bit?
  • No! Enjoy your youth! Marry when you are closer to 30 instead.

Said by people younger than me (you would think they are 80 years old)

  • You will understand once you are older
  • Wait until you get my age!

At my own business

  • How cute! You are helping your parents!
  • This is *your* business? Do you have people with professional training working here while you study?

While some are plain funny (like getting carted at a dollar store while buying a lighter for a birthday party) or just a nuisance, others are very judgmental, condescending, and doubt my capabilities just because of the way I look (good thing I’m not blond, eh? ๐Ÿ˜› ) Usually, these people change their tone once I manage to sneak in my age during conversation and stop the attitude.

And now to wait for a couple more gray hairs ๐Ÿ˜‰ Until then:

Happy ramblings!


3 weeks

I’m about to start doing something… if I manage to do it for at least three whole weeks, I will let you know what it is.

If I never tell you what it was… well… I didn’t manage to do it.

So here I go, wish me luck!


My big day: the view

It’s been two months since I gave you the greatest news I have ever had to the present day And since then I have not told you anything else about it.

Before I go on and on about the preparations, let me tell you my extremely personal view of what a wedding is. I said “extremely personal” because it is my opinion, what I think my wedding should be (and thank goodness Mr. Groom shares those feelings!) As I said, my views might not be the same as your view as to what a wedding is, that doesn’t mean I disrespect your wedding ideal or that I frown upon it. Quite the opposite, I will be right there celebrating your wedding andย  love whatever your view is (provided I’m invited, of course)

Wow… that last paragraph seems defensive, doesn’t it? I think it is… I have heard so many things of how a wedding should be in response to my view (let’s call it TView) that I’m starting to feel like I should defend the TView even before I have even started to describe it. I apologize, I realize now that you won’t do that, so just ignore that paragraph and lets get to the TView!

TView: A wedding is a celebration of love

Or as I described it to my mom which gave her a heart attack

My Wedding will be like a birthday party but there will be more flowers and people will be crying

In other words:

  • I will use a dress that I can use again at another occassion
  • I will have a funny cake that makes me happy
  • The cake will be chocolate with orange filling
  • People will be dressed comfortably and pretty
  • There is finger food and drinks, no dinner

Most importantly:

  • I will not break the piggy bank

There are some things that will be present at the Knot Tying Event that are not usually present at a birthday party:

  • A photographer (since Mr. Groom won’t be able to take pics)
  • Flower girls (my nieces because Mr. Groom doesn’t let me have Teenie as the flowerdog)
  • Maid of Honor and 2 bridesmaids (my 2 sisters and the cousin that’s living with them, all teenagers, none of them helping)
  • Bouquet
  • Best Man
  • Officiant
  • Tears (from my mom and me, mostly)
  • Rings!

I made a list of people that I would have at my birthday party: my closest friends and my closest family. I have had a blissful 42 people (committing the sin of having only adults and no children to reduce costs) After a lot of math, we realized that it’s WAY cheaper to have it all done in one little place downtown where only 50 people fit (it’s called From This Day Forward, in case you are wondering) than having it at home. We have a 5K limit budget and having it there is letting me have a super customized amazing cake from the Cake Whisperer (I am a fan, what can I say?) that does NOT look like a wedding cake ๐Ÿ˜€

Remember how I got defensive earlier? As I said, there is a reason, but I will tell you about the problems of tying a knot when you are surrounded by nuts in a later post. Until then:

Happy ramblings!


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The new IT woman

Today, during my IT job, I delivered a laptop to a client. This is the conversation that took place:

  • Receptionist: oh! I see they hired another woman!
  • Me: nope, just me
  • Receptionist: no, they have another IT woman, the one with the glasses and the bad hair
  • Me: nope, still me
  • Receptionist: oh… You look good!

I guess I’m looking good! ๐Ÿ˜€

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