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Pancho Panza

I believed it’s only fair to introduce you to the 3 characters of my house that would appear and reappear in my posts: my husfried, my doggie, and my kitty. I’ll start with the cat.

Meet my kitty, my 16 pound kitty whose head reaches my hip when he is standing in two legs… maybe “kitty” is not quite the proper term but whatever, he’s my kitty 🙂

I love my cat: Pancho Panza. Yes, he has two names, I’m a firm believer that you need two names in order to be able to make your point. “Pancho Panza off the counter!” sounds more effective that “Pancho off the counter” but that’s just me.

Pancho’s name has its own story. He was first called “Patch” because he had a little bit of a black patch on top of his white head. One day his ear got a bit chewed up by the dog, the membranes of the ear were separated and blood was accumulating in there giving him a tough UFC-fighter-like cauliflower ear. The vet said he needed surgery, after they shaved his head the patch disappeared, now I was left with a totally white cat called “Patch” and so he became “Pancho”. His second name was inspired on Cervantes fictional character Sancho Panza as he has a little bit of “panza”…

He is the sweetest cat on Earth, he sits across from me when I’m cooking to keep me company (and to get the stray bit of celery so he can roll on it). He lies down on my lap when I’m watching TV. He runs to the door to say “hi” when I arrive home; and when he falls off a chair while napping, he gets up and licks himself and looks at you like saying “what? I meant to do that!”

Yup, I love my cat but sometimes I wonder… specially in days like today, when he woke me up at 4:00 am lying down on my stomach (did I mentioned that he weighs 16 lbs?), loudly purring and demanding affection. Yes, yes, so cute BUT AT 4:00 AM!!! And to jump off of me, he made sure to stand on my boobs first, at FOUR.A.M. Afterwards, to make it better what does Pancho do? He vomits! Nothing says good morning quite like a sick cat and, since the dog barked at him, he ran scared leaving a trail of bile and pieces of breakfast all over the floor!

So I wonder do I really love him?! And then he does this:

And I forget about the black bags under my eyes, my sore boobs, and the trails of morning puke.

Later, I’ll be telling you more about the other 2 character of my house. Until then:

Happy ramblings!



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