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“Happy” is not the right word

People keep telling me “you must be happy now that Chávez is dead” Actually, no.

Do not get me wrong, I am not sad that he’s gone. He was, in my view, a terrible human being. But he was a human being none the less. He had daughters and friends and other people who I’m sure genuinely loved him. There is a phrase that says “Every death has to be respected but not every death has to be mourned” and I agree.

It is thanks to him that I had to abandon the country that I called home, leave my family, my MOTHER behind and move to a completely different country, with a different culture, views, and weather at the age of 23. However, I do not resent him for this particular incident; granted, I miss my family, I haven’t been able to hold my new niece, or hug my grandmother but at least I see them through Skype. Canada has given me a great quality of life, a wonderful husband whom I love with all my heart, and my own business.

Then, what do I feel about his passing? I feel HOPE, hope that the country can start the healing process, hope that I won’t be afraid of bringing my kids one day. Hope that my mom is going to be safe, hope that my family will be able to get whatever they want at the grocery store. Hope for a better future…



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