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Today is going to be hard

Today is going to be a hard day. See? Today I’m teaching a last class to my littlest friend.

E is 6 years old, I’ve known her since she was almost 3 and I’ve seen her grow. When I used to work at a Martial Arts place, I would play with her while her brother was in class. I even scared the beejeebees out of hers once without meaning to, good thing her mom is my best friend 😉

Actually, I think that day, the day were I scared her so bad that she cried non stop for what felt like an eternity, was the day when we started bonding, because since that day I’ve been trying to make her smile. For about a year I played with her weekly while her brother trained. After that I quit that job, but kept seeing her smile and grow. I’ve seen her start Junior Kindergarten, I’ve seen her start piano lessons, I’ve seen her play a composition of her own in a piano in front of many people.

When she turned 5 she didn’t tell me that she was 5 years old. She told me she was a hand years old and proceeded to show me her hand!

That might be the blurriest picture I own!

Now, for a whole year, she’s been coming to my children’s place almost weekly so, again, I got to play with her on a weekly basis. I had the pleasure of entertaining her friends during her 6th birthday and to see half her teeth fall off to give way to new ones.

E is very thoughtful, she always makes me drawings: in Christmas, for a House Warming, for my Wedding… She loves her brother in the way only a little sister can love: completely and passionately. Unlike me, E doesn’t cry often, but if she does, there is a very good reason for those tears. The good thing is: they don’t last long and a few minutes later you get a big gap toothed smile that makes your heart melt!

Today it’s her last class, she is moving away to another province. Hopefully, I cried all my sad tears last night while designing a special class just for her… (obviously I didn’t because I just had to stop writing to get a tissue) I will miss her like I never thought I would miss a little kid. I will miss her weekly smile and hug.

I will miss you kiddo