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And here is the last (but not least) of the characters of my house: my 5-pound bundle of hair.

“That is not a dog, it’s a sample” is still my favorite small dog joke I’ve heard

Her name is Teenie MarĂ­a (HA! You thought she wasn’t going to have 2 names?) For 6 months I would hear “Teenie? How appropriate!” and it was SO frustrating! Why? Because I didn’t know that teeny means small. I named her after a gorgeous black doll I had whose little shirt had “Teenie” embroidered on it. Thus I had a very cartoon-like conversation when I met my former ESL teacher after she said “Teenie? How appropriate!” It went something like this:

  • Me: Why is that appropriate?
  • Her: Because she’s teeny
  • Me: I know, I named her Teenie
  • Her: Yes, and she is teeny
  • Me: Of course she’s Teenie, that’s what I named her!

The conversation went on like that until she finally said “errrh, you do *know* that ‘teeny’ means ‘small’, right?”

She’s very useful when watching TV

She has been with me during my whole canadian life (minus one month) so I am quite attached to my little doggie. I grew up in Venezuela, surrounded by German Shepherds. I was 23 when I moved to Canada by myself on a cold January 3rd, 7.8 years ago into a little tiny basement apartment. I survived my first few weeks sans dog but it was awful arriving everyday to a cold and solitary apartment. I needed the unconditional love that a dog gives you, I needed a home.

So, I did a lot of Internet research and filled in tons of questionnaires, everybody had the same answer: get a West Highland Terrier, I had never had a small dog before but it made sense. So I went in search for one… that’s how I ended up in front of Teenie’s room, looking at a sad tiny pile of black hair in a corner while puppies in other rooms where all happy and playing. I asked the vendor what was wrong with her, the lady told me that she was a very depressed dog with no signs of life (great sales pitch, eh?) and asked me if I wanted her for a discounted prize. Of course I didn’t! Come on! A depressed dog that is was NOT the breed that Internet Wisdom told me was the perfect breed for me?! But I felt so bad for the poor limp doggie that I asked to see her. The lady picked her up and I wondered if the doggie was alive for all the outward signs of life that she was showing. I reached for her and as soon as my hands closed around her… MAGIC! There is absolutely no other word that can describe what happened that day, I can still remember the little gasp of surprise that escaped the sales-lady when Teenie started moving her whole body in excitement, shaking her tail SO fast it was a blur, and licking my hands as fast as her little pink tongue could.

That day I went home.



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